Keith Area School is a



The Keith Area School Canteen is currently open Thursday and Friday.

Lunches by order only via the Keith Bakery Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Canteen and over the counter sales  on Thursday & Friday at both recess and lunch

Canteen Manager: Mrs Nola Connor.
Canteen Telephone: 08 87551600

If your child has any food allergies, or requires a special diet, please advise Nola.

Parents volunteer to work in the canteen assisting Nola in preparation of lunches. If you would like to be a volunteer, please come in and see us or give us a call.

The Keith Area School Canteen follows the “Right Bite Policy” program – South Australia’s healthy food and drink supply policy for schools and preschools.

Following these guidelines, we try to provide a variety of healthy snacks and meals for our students.

Canteen Price List

>> Canteen Price List 2019

Please fill out lunch orders on the brown canteen lunch bags available from the canteen.
F-7 students, please place your order in the blue basket in your classroom.
8-12 students, please place your order in the blue basket in the front office.

Lunches are provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday via Keith Bakery – the same canteen price list is used, and lunches are placed in the baskets as for ordering through the school canteen.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback.