Keith Area School is a


Senior School

Students move into senior school in Year 10, allowing them to focus on more individualised learning programs based on their possible career options. As students move into this area of the school, individual subject counselling allows students to identify their learning strengths and focus on subjects they need to be successful when they complete school.

Benefits of completing Year 12 at Keith Area School

  • Broad range of academic subjects and vocational pathways offerings with specific individual learning programs developed based on student needs
  • Small classes where students have individual contact with their teacher each lesson.
  • Teachers who are willing to work with students outside of school hours and through school holidays to ensure students have the skills to achieve their potential.
  • Probability of winning achievement awards and Dux of the school, increase dramatically with small class sizes. Substantial monetary awards can be won by individuals and are awarded at the Valedictory service.
Events and Activities

While in senior school students have a number of opportunities to further their learning. Some subjects will have specific excursions relevant to their programs. Some other opportunities include -

  • Year 10 Careers Camp
  • Rotary Careers Expo
  • Year 10 and 11 Work Experience
  • Visits from various universities and TAFE to explore further study
  • Individual subject excursions

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