Keith Area School is a


Pepper Trees

Old school


School History

 The first school in this district was the Mount Monster School and the date of the first admissions was 16th June 1889. It was a small weatherboard building and all that remains to show where the first school was are a few pepper trees. The School was situated on the Naracoorte Highway, halfway between Mount Monster Station and the railway cottages. It was known as a provisional school.

The name of the School was changed from "Mount Monster" to "Keith" in October 1907 and was moved to a small room at the back of the Keith Institute, now known as the C.W.A. Rooms. It remained in operation at these Rooms until 1913.

The School was raised in status from a provisional school to a public school in 1912.

In 1912 two acres of the southern parklands were bought by the Education Department at the present location. The following year (1913) a single classroom was erected in stone on the Tolmer Terrace frontage of the block as well as a teacher's residence and they are still in use today. Classes moved from the old Institute to the new building as soon as it was ready.

A second teacher was appointed in 1914 with the increase in pupils. Back to one teacher again in 1917 and he taught Years 1 to 8, but a second teacher was appointed the following year.

cwaThe Keith School Committee purchased a further 2¼ acres in 1930. Tolmer Terrace on the eastern side and Memorial Avenue on the west were the new boundaries.

Over 70 children were enrolled in 1934 with two teachers both teaching in the one class, 24 ft by 24 ft. It was too congested; the Institution rooms were once again rented and used for the lower grades until late 1935. Another stone room 24 ft by 24 ft was built, the verandah was extended and a woodwork room was added, to accommodate 81 children.

In 1941 the numbers enrolled declined, the second teacher was transferred. It wasn’t till 1947 that the second teacher was reappointed.

Buses brought children in from out laying areas and weatherboard classrooms were built to accommodate the influx of children. In 1950 moves were made to make Keith Primary School an Area School .

The Director of Education informed the community in 1952 that 200 enrolled students was the magic number for an Area School. A third teacher was appointed in 1951 and the Congregational Sunday School was rented as an extra classroom.

In 1953 with an enrolment with 143 the fourth teacher was appointed and ‘Grade 8’ was taught to 5 students. The fifth teacher joined the staff in 1954 with 201 enrolled and only 4 classrooms. In 1955 it was promoted to a higher primary school with 7 teachers on the staff, 214 primary and 20 secondary students. That year a single weatherboard classroom, science room and library block were built.

Keith Higher Primary was reclassified in 1957 to Keith Area School with an enrolment of 286 primary and 40 secondary. Approval was given in 1960 for the new solid construction on the land added to the school grounds in 1954.

It was completed in November 1962 and classes moved in. It was officially opened April 30 1963. 1964 saw the introduction of leaving (Fourth year secondary) but it wasn’t until 1975 when Matriculation was added.

Enrolment was as high as 740 in the late 1960’s. Since the opening many new features have been added, additional classrooms, agricultural science added to the curriculum, thus plots set up for practical work, canteen and dental clinic. Sporting facilities, oval, hockey field, tennis courts and adventure play ground for primary students. Areas set aside for lawns and shaded areas.