Keith Area School is a







Early in 2004 the Boys in Leadership (BIL group) applied to The Foundation for Young Australians for a Partnership Grant. Partnership Grants were seen as a way to support groups of young people, organisations and communities in the development and implementation of innovative initiatives to address issues of importance to young people and their communities.

Of the 65 applicants Australia wide, 8 were selected to receive Stage One Funding of $10,000. Stage One partner organisations were financially resourced to work with FYA to identify, develop and support young people to develop a cutting edge initiative Proposal that has the potential to deliver positive and sustained outcomes for themselves and their communities.

With the group’s foresight and determination, the Keith Community Cinema was started. Movie day/nights are held on a regular basis, run by the young members of the group. They have regular meetings with a Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officers and Community mentors. They select films, advertise, run the canteen, make popcorn, set up the institute, run the projector and clean up afterwards.

BIL has expanded to develop a management group that is open to young men and women. BIL has now become BIL/ACE. The group is open to Year 9 – 12 students and young community members who are prepared to commit their time and energy in offering an activity for all of the Keith Community to enjoy.