Keith Area School is a







Students from Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to be involved in the South East Primary Schools Festival of Music with students from other primary school in the South East. The children learn a variety of songs from all over the world and in many different musical styles. There have been several  opportunities to perform them including Valedictory and Open Night.  We also hold our own Arts Festival to showcase all of the areas of the Arts that  students are involved in through our school.

Instrumental Instruction

Students are given the opportunity to learn musical instruments through the school.  These lessons are delivered be the Instrumental Music Service.  Lessons are given weekly via Video Conferencing.  Once a term the music teacher comes to Keith Area School to deliver a face to face lesson.  There are opportunities to perform in a Band with students from around the South-East.  Instruments offered include Brass and Woodwind.