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Diary Use

The diary is a two-way communication tool between home and school.

The diary:

• acts as a prompt to plan resources to be taken home each day
• assists students to plan their time to meet due dates for assessment tasks
• provides the means to convey student achievements and assessment results to parents
• is the avenue to inform the school of a student’s absenteeism, late arrival, early departures and appointments
  outside the school structure
• assists communication to parents and teachers when interviews are required
• contains information regarding school rules and expectations, uniform requirements and policies of which both
  students and parents should be aware.

Students are to take their diaries to all lessons to record homework, assessment dates, reminders and achievement results.

Parents/Caregivers are asked to check their child’s diary regularly, preferably daily, to monitor their child’s progress and to sign it each weekend.

The diary will be checked by Home Group Teachers.

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