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Middle School

Year 8 and 9 students at Keith Area School are members of our Middle School. The Middle School aims to provide a unique experience for students in a rewarding and understanding learning environment that recognises the needs of young adolescents.

Based in year level home groups, students are progressively exposed to a wider range of specialist teachers over the three years in preparation for Years 10 – 12. The home group room, however, remains a unifying thread through the majority of subjects, ensuring the best possible chance of a productive, efficient routine during the school day.

The overall purpose of the middle school will be to meet the educational, developmental, and social needs that emerge in this transitional period. The middle school program will provide a supportive and flexible environment so students will have opportunities to develop skills and explore a variety of learning experiences while making the transition from middle to senior school.

In keeping with this philosophy, the middle school will establish and provide:

A core curriculum of english, mathematics, science, and society and environment.

  • A supportive environment for the physical and social development of every student.
  • A positive climate that fosters self-esteem, self-discipline, and student responsibility.
  • Knowledgeable educators who are committed to the middle school ethos.
  • Close contact and communication between parents and school.
  • A challenging curriculum and pace of learning to meet individual levels and understanding.
  • Opportunities for intervention and acceleration when needs are identified.

The Home Group Teacher works very closely with the students in his/her home group and through the development of positive relationships is able to ensure that the social and emotional needs of each student are met.

Regular communication between Parents and the Home Group Teacher is encouraged to keep Staff and Parents informed. An interview between Parents and the Home Group Teacher will occur in Term 1 as part of the assessment process. Any feedback or information about a student’s welfare will be through the Home Group Teacher.

It is believed that goals will be reached when the student, the parent, and the teacher assume responsibility. The student will attend school regularly, maintain a positive attitude, and make an effort to achieve these goals. Parents will be supportive of the school system and encourage the student in learning. The teacher will strive for an optimal, professional approach to meet the individual needs of each student. When these responsibilities are met, maximum learning will be achieved.

Events and Activities


  • Year 7/8 (even years) venture to  Canberra
  • Year 9 spend 3 days at Murraylands Aquatic Centre


  • Year 7 & 9 will sit the tests in Term 2

National Competitions – students will be encouraged to participate in the Maths, Science, English and IT competitions

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