Keith Area School is a


Primary School

The primary section of Keith Area School includes Year 3 - 7. The primary years team is made up of dedicated teachers with varying experience and expertise. Key priorities include improving literacy and numeracy levels to reach set targets and focusing on the well being of all students. Students in the primary are provided with many opportunities to extend their talents including numerous sporting events including SAPSASA, School Sports and Interschool Sports, enviro club, instrumental music and choir in upper primary.

The classes are arranged in the following way for 2020:

  •  Year 3 class with teacher: Miss Margaret Ellis
  •  Year 3 / 4 class with teacher: Miss Tamika Williams
  •  Year 4 / 5 class with teacher: Miss Lilly Premrl
  •  Year 5 / 6 class with teacher: Mr Ben Judson
  •  Year 6 / 7 class with teacher: Mrs Ceri Price
  •  Year 7 class with teacher: Mr Brayden Chambers

Assemblies are held in the hall. These assemblies are for recognising student achievement and for showing learning activities that have occurred. Parents are always welcome to attend. Times and days are in the newsletter.

Camps and Excursions

Students are provided with the opportunity to experience different things by going on camps and excursions. Camps are held every second year (odd years) and excursions in the other years. 


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