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The South Australian Certificate of Education has a number of subject requirements which must be successfully completed to successfully attain a SACE Certificate.

There are two stages of the SACE:‎

  • Stage 1, which usually begins in Year 10, with students studying the Personal Learning ‎Plan, and continues through Year 11. ‎
  • Stage 2, which is usually undertaken in Year 12.‎

Each subject or course that is successfully completed earns ‘credits' towards the SACE. ‎Students receive a final grade from A to E for each Stage 1 subject and A+ to E– for ‎Stage 2 subjects.‎

To qualify for the SACE students must:‎

  • Complete a minimum of 200 credits
  • Achieve a C grade or higher in the Stage 1 compulsory subjects

Achieve a C– or higher in the Stage 2 compulsory subjects.‎

The compulsory requirements are:‎

  • Personal Learning Plan – 10 credits at Stage 1‎
  • Literacy – at least 20 credits from a range of English subjects (Stage 1 or Stage 2)‎
  • Numeracy – at least 10 credits from a range of mathematics subjects (Stage 1 or Stage ‎‎2)‎
  • Research Project – 10 credits at Stage 2‎
  • Other Stage 2 subjects – that total at least 60 credits

The remaining 90 credits can be gained through additional Stage 1 or Stage 2 subjects or ‎Board-recognised courses (such as VET or community learning) of a student's choice.‎

Contact the Senior School Coordinator for more information, or click on the links below to look further at the SACE website.

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